Material Need Allowance and Supplements

Material need assistance is provided in the form of a material need allowance (hereinafter referred to as the “Allowance”) and Supplements which are provided in monetary, material or combined forms.

The aim of the Allowance and Supplements, together with the income of the persons and the natural persons who are connected to this person is to ensure basic living conditions and material need assistance with the contribution of their active participation in addressing their social situation.

The provision of the Allowance and Supplements is carried out pursuant to Act No. 599/2003 Coll. on Material Need Assistance. For the purpose of this Act, basic living conditions are defined as one warm meal a day and the necessary clothing and shelter.

Material need Allowances and Supplements provided by the Offices of Labour, Social Affairs and Family are funded from the state budget.

The following persons are entitled to material need assistance: 

  • citizens of the Slovak Republic,
  • aliens,
  • stateless persons,
  • asylum seekers,
  • aliens to whom complementary protection has been provided,
  • displaced persons with residence in the Slovak Republic based on a permit from the pertinent authority and
  • foreign Slovaks with residence in the Slovak Republic, 

unless assistance is provided to them pursuant to special regulations and international conventions to which the Slovak Republic is bound.

More information about material need allowance

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