Cross-border teleworking

A definition of cross-border teleworking has been agreed between the Member States.

Cross-border teleworking is work performed:

  • away from the business premises of the employer or the establishment where the work is normally carried out;
  • in a Member State other than that in which the employer's establishment or place of business is located; and
  • by way of information technology, through which the person remains in contact with the working environment of the employer or the enterprise, as well as with stakeholders/clients, to perform their tasks ordered by the employer, or clients, in the case of self-employed persons.

All the conditions must be fulfilled cumulatively, in the case of employment, the work must be the same as the employee performs on the employer’s premises and the cross-border teleworking is carried out on the basis of an agreement between the employer and the employee pursuant to national law.

More information can be found on the Social Insurance Agency website HERE under the section ‘Implementation of cross-border teleworking’

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