Structured electronic documents

The modernised coordination regulations require data to be exchanged electronically between institutions across the EU. An electronic social security information exchange system – EESSI is being developed for this purpose.

The structured electronic documents (SEDs) have been designed and will be used by the institutions to communicate with each other and exchange information within the EESSI. Around 320 structured electronic documents have been designed for 120 defined use cases – life situations (BUC – Business Use Cases) in various areas of social security.

Through them communication between institutions will be simpler and more efficient. In the interests of full electronic exchange between all Member States, paper versions of the SED, paper original E-forms and any official documents issued by the social security institutions in each Member State may be used until the end of a transitional period of two years. The transitional periods should end at the beginning of July 2019. After that date, the use of paper E-forms and paper versions of electronic documents (SEDs) will be discontinued and institutions will communicate exclusively electronically. 

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